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Piano Marvel's award winning piano software is designed to optimize the practice session. It features thousands of songs and exercises designed to challenge all ages and ability levels, feedback to see where mistakes are happening and lots of tools to help piano learners correct those mistakes. It also tracks your progress as you move through the lessons and saves your practice information to the cloud so you can practice using almost any computer, any time. Just connect a digital piano to your computer with a MIDI connection to get the full benefit of Piano Marvel.

The result is that learning to play the piano is much faster and more fun with Piano Marvel. Parents, piano teachers and students will all see the difference. Don't waste time practicing mistakes or wondering if you are playing the correct notes and rhythms. Piano Marvel's revolutionary system will take the confusion out of learning piano and show you the path to achieving your goals.

  • 1

    teaches sight-reading, chords and
    scales, ear-training, rhythm training, and more...

    Innovative practice tools
  • Scores the music that you play

    Piano Marvel motivates students by bringing
    video game intensity to piano practice...

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    assesses rhythm and pitch with
    instant feedback.

    piano music

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I have children using Piano Marvel. They used to watch television a couple of hours each night. It is amazing for me to see them spending that time practicing the piano.
—Betty Golly
Piano Marvel is an outstanding tool for any professional piano teacher. It is the main focus of my Piano Lab where students go after their private lessons with me. My students' rhythmic accuracy and sight reading has gone through the roof. Students are excited with the challenge of going from 70-80-90-100% score on a new piece. They don't want to stop until they get that TOP score. What an ingenius computer GAME that inspires repeated practice to PERFECT a piece before going to a new piece.
—Cheryl Norman
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